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In Illusioneer, you play as the mighty and powerful spellcaster - a magic wielding warrior known around the world for their thrilling monster-fighting adventures. There's just one catch - Illusioneer is set in a fantasy world without the supernatural. Magic is no more than clever slight of hand, and monsters are costumed foes.

Illusioneer features lightning-fast combat with an innovative attack system. You have access to four different trick types that you can perform, each of which can be loaded with one of several different elements to achieve unique effects and powerful results. Mix and match on the fly to dazzle enemies with your seemingly magical abilities and dominate the battelfield!

This demo currently features the game's tutorial and first main game environment. If you'd like to see more of the game as it is created, feel free to follow me on twitter @lastnamegames.

Install instructions

-Download the .zip file

-Unzip the file by right clicking and choosing "extract"

-double click on Illusioneer_public.exe



Illusioneer_Public.zip 36 MB


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love this game so much

constant "overused" message is really distracting and annoying when you're just learning the ropes.

really caters to my desire to be clever and fancy in games though. ill be following this thing

Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm glad that you liked it, and even happier to receive some constructive criticism. The game is certainly still extremely rough in terms of its learning curve. I need to continue working on ways to gently ease the player into the game, and making the "Overuse" warning less forceful and demanding may be a good place to experiment.

Really neat game, though I couldn't quite get passed the spikes...