A downloadable game for Windows

Spectr is an action platformer with a unique twist. At the push of a button, you can enter the "spectr state" in which you are completely cloaked and anything you touch is marked for death. Upon exiting the spectr state, all marked targets will be sliced to pieces by tiny nanobots and explode into a lively display of scrap metal and spare parts.

Spectr's seeminly simple mechanics hide multiple layers of depth, and you'll encounter a variety of new and unique mechanics and techniques which you will need to master in order to progress.

The link above is active, so if Spectr looks or sounds like fun to you, then please download it and try it out!
Please leave some feedback (criticism is certainly welcomed), or just follow me @LastNameGames for updates on future games.

Install instructions

just extract the contents of the .zip file into the folder of your choice and double click on the .exe. If something goes wrong, email me at LNameGames@gmail.com and I'll try to troubleshoot with you.


SpeCTR bundle.zip 21 MB